“what a shocker”

contrary to popular belief

if you torture people until they do whatever you want

[yuh know, like signing a confession]

and bring charges against them

[based on that confession? yeah]

then get your case thrown out

[because of that whole little torture-coerced fake-o testimonies thing..whoops]

if you try again in a couple decades

[um, try 30]

you might actually succeed in getting another chance to try your case

[no new proof? just those ole torture-confessions? that’s okay, it’ll work]

and of course if you can just get the defendents on a ridiculously high bail

[3 million for starters but then see if yuh can get it raised to 5]

you can build a prison anywhere



the justice system is a joke









educate yourself

get involved

start here



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  1. john young had a family that loved and counted on him for support. Authorities are still searching for angela langsford for her role in the mixon case, 4 dead oakland police officers. ronald stanley is presumed dead. he was a suspect in the officer young murder.

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