1. Police department is the most controversial and discussed departmen. Third world countries police is even worse. I have suggested many police reforms in my articles.t.

    The family of the black Pace University football star fatally shot by white cops. Who claim he plowed into two officers believes he was “singled out” because he is black — and is vowing not to rest until they learn the truth of what happened that fateful night. Danroy “DJ” Henry’s family “feels he was singled out by the police because he’s a young African-American,” said Annemarie Masciarelli, the next-door neighbor and close friend of Henry’s parents.”We will not stop until the truth is out!” wrote parents, Danroy Sr. and Angela Henry, who hours before DJ’s death had watched him play the last football game of his life in Pace University’s homecoming game. Henry’s killing early Sunday morning outside a Mount Pleasant bar in Westchester County occurred after the junior defensive player began driving off — hitting several cops — when an officer tapped on his car window as he sat parked in a fire lane with several buddies. What is being lost is::
    1.Why would any person jump in front of a moving car?
    2. Why would cops shoot at unarmed citizen in a car?
    3. If Mr.Danroy accidentally hit two cops does that justify murder?
    4. Did Mr. Danroy think the tapping on his window was for him to move his car?
    5. Why did cops go against protocol which state officer can not shoot at a moving car?
    6. Why is it that ones again it’s a unarmed black man in a car HELLO SEAN BELL?
    7. Why is the option of shooting the tires out when unarmed black people are involve off the table?
    8. Why didn’t cops write down the Licence plate?
    NOTE: This is now the NORM in America! Unarmed black men are shot by mostly white cops! Are back to work before the body is out the hospital or in the ground! Shamefully Mr. Danroy will become just another murder by cops black man. A judge or jury will find that the cops where justify. Even after many witness come forward and state that the cops LIED! Black life is seen as worthless and cops don’t have to worry about losing their jobs for murdering a black child or adults!


    Do you know when a teenager is lying…when their mouth moves…Male don’t mature until in their 30! Men are stupid! Moron, idiot, stupid”you are a nut” ” you are a fool” I don’t see it” (referring to someone’s looks) you don’t look like you miss a meal” ( referring to someone’s weight)! Do you take drug? You are a bum….your lazy for receiving welfare…..What is the nature of your disability! Are you stupid or are you just playing stupid?….One male litigant was refer to as”this Thing”!These are just some of the attacks and insults Judge Judy have stated towards litigant that have enter the courtroom for justice! Judge Judy is a bully with authority that abuse and disrespects her position! As a judge she is put in a position of authority and responsibility and should be of the highest in professionalism! SHE IS NOT! Judge Judy is a disgrace to the judicial system that has in place protocol for judges and litigants! Bullying in America is in the news but the reason for bullying has not been disgust! I truly believe that racism in America is a form of bullying especially if the bullying is combine with authority! White police officer in black neighborhoods have been historically bully! They have beat black people like animals and justify it. They have murder unarmed black adults and children and justify it! Because they are encourage to bully black and other minority! Bullying in schools have lead to suicide and murder because many is authority have dismiss claim and complain from victims! Now I mention Judge Judy but Judge Joe Brown and Judge Mathis both have threaten litigants with bodily harm from the bench! Are also bully and I must add ignorant! The question of the day….. Why are we as a people surprise that bullying in schools is a horrible problem among our young????? Look at what they see in adults in authority …Look at what they are being taught and by who…. Look at programs like Maruy , Jerry Springer,Jersey Wives of Whatever” Real World” Parent Control” Jersey Shore” …All these programs promote hate and bullying! White men in American Government have historically been bully’s! Newt Gingrich is a old sick and truly disrespectful bully! Bottom line bullying in America can be associate with authority and many TV programs that promote bullying! Then look at Fox News Sean Hannity ” Glenn Beck ‘ Bill O’Reilly all bully! In the case of Bill O’Reilly he is not only a bully he has no respect for women A TOTAL PERVERT! That has been sue by a woman that he sexually harassment!

  4. Am I the only American that thinks that Republicans are responsible for the downfall of economic horrible condition? And white people are willing to give power back to proven failure! White people gave America Nixon (resign as a failure) Reagan ( suffer from Alzheimer and refuse to resign) Bush (1) liar( READ MY LIPS) Bush (2) stupid ( Started a war in Iraq for nothing) causing American troops deaths for NOTHING! Turn a surplus into debt! Am I the only person that wonder why white people listen to Bill O’Reilly? A man that paid off a female not to sue him for sexual harassment and in my opinion a PERVERT! A man that has no respect for woman and NEVER really apologize to the woman he harassed! A man that has made racist and demeaning comments about all Muslims! On his show O’Reilly question President Obama’s morals! And talked about convicted felons that he claims President Obama associate with. If O’Reilly believe what he is saying nobody should sit down with him as a PERVERT on his PERVERT SHOW! Am I the only one that wonders why white people are listening to Glenn Beck a alcoholic and a racist! This man facts are made up of racist innuendos! Hate and divide is the programs agenda! Am I the only person that wonder why Rush Limbaugh is not denounce by every American especially white Americans? After his statement that he wanted President Obama to fail and the country to fail! Am I the only person that saw the double standard when Boston Mass. resident voted in a Senator they thought was against President Obama Universal healthcare reform plan for all Americans! BUT Boston Mass. has state run Healthcare! Am I the only person that saw a racist double standard when Senator Obama’s pastor was demonize and condemn . Call a racist and un American! A man that is a former Army and Navy veteran. Took care of former President L. Johnson while hospitalize! On the other hand Mitt Romney’s church teaches that all black people are evil! He sat in his church over 15 year and continue to so and was NEVER denounce or demonize for doing so! He NEVER was told to get out of his church and denounce his pastor! Am I the only person that see Governor Christie of New Jersey as a bully and a idiot that in his first year in officer lost 400 million for New Jersey! Eliminated a project that laid off 6 thousand dollars and would have employed 40 thousand citizen! Does anyone but me wonder why white American call Governor Christie a hero!

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