RIP jose

jose canas was murdered by sunnyvale police last year

a lawsuit has been filed by his family against the city

formally accusing them of using excessive and deadly force


it states that jose had done nothing to prompt the officers to open fire


he was leaving for work

his wife and 18-month-old twin boys waving goodbye from their front steps

suddenly his car is rammed from behind

and the two big bad detectives open fire


the department had launched an investigation into this incident and

not surprisingly 

found itself innocent


they even said the shooting was “justified”

instead of dropping everything and putting his hands in the air

supposedly jose accelerated

which was obviously the wrong thing to do


anytime someone crashes into your car

just to be on the safe side

assume they’re cops

even of the car is unmarked

you never know

you could end up dead

like jose



“it’s a tragic situation. i have a great deal of diificulty understanding why this young man was shot”—james roberts, the attorney representing his widow and two sons



[[[it’s about fuckin time]]]

[[[[[[demand  justice]]]]]]






rest in peace jose yer missed lost 




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  1. Rest in peace primo I love you and miss you still have no answer to what happen but u will always be missed and to the sunnyvale cops I hope u pay for what youve done

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