SF8 update: bail posted

richard o’neal—august 29

richard brown— august 30

ray boudreaux— september 11

harold taylor—september 12

hank jones—september 18


out of the six eligible for bail, five are already on the outs and francisco torres is supposed to be released soon


what about the other three?  

herman bell and jalil muntagim have been locked up for almost forty years in ny prisons

but they go before the parole board again next year

main thing keeping them incarcerated? just one guess..

[if yuh don’t know much bout the ny3 check this out]

ronald stanley bridgeford is still on the lam



despite what they would like you to believe THERE IS NO NEW EVIDENCE

murder weapon: “lost”

dna: no matches

fingerprints: no matches


all the prosecution has is the testimony of rubin scott and two courts have found his witness untrustworthy

perjury anyone?






“what a shocker”

contrary to popular belief

if you torture people until they do whatever you want

[yuh know, like signing a confession]

and bring charges against them

[based on that confession? yeah]

then get your case thrown out

[because of that whole little torture-coerced fake-o testimonies thing..whoops]

if you try again in a couple decades

[um, try 30]

you might actually succeed in getting another chance to try your case

[no new proof? just those ole torture-confessions? that’s okay, it’ll work]

and of course if you can just get the defendents on a ridiculously high bail

[3 million for starters but then see if yuh can get it raised to 5]

you can build a prison anywhere



the justice system is a joke









educate yourself

get involved

start here


witch hunt

former black panther/BLA members arrested 30 years after crimes they’re accused of committing took place




richard brown

richard o’neal

ray boudeaux

hank jones

francisco torres

harold taylor

herman bell

jalil muntaquim

ronald stanley bridgeford


WHO they are ACCUSED of killing in 1971:

san francisco police sergeant john v. young

part of what authorities claim was a five-year “campaign” from 1968-1973 to kill law enforcement officers on both coasts—attacks in california and new york including the bombing of an s.f. cop’s funeral, the deaths of two nypd officers, plus three armed bank robberies helping to fund these operations


ARRESTED in 1973:

harold taylor

john bowman

ruben scott

tortured by s.f. detectives mccoy, erdelatz, and new orleans police until signing falsified “confessions” written entirely by police


HOW they were TORTURED:

electric shock

cattle prods


sensory deprivation

plastic bags and hot wet blankets used to asphyxiate


CHARGED with MURDER in 1975:

harold taylor

john bowman

ruben scott

based on the “evidence” extracted by torturing defendents


WHAT a federal court ruled in 1975:

torture had been illegally used—a san francisco judge tossed out the case







not a single government official even questioned about possibly just maybe using illegal torture


JAILED in 2005:

richard brown

ray beaudroux

hank jones

harold taylor

refused to answer questions before a grand jury investigating young’s death


WHY this is happening NOW:

investigation reopened in 1999 after “advances in forensic science led to the discovery of new evidence in one of the unsolved cases”—official sfpd statement

morris tabak, deputy chief of investigations: “it could be fibers. it could be dna. it could be other biological evidence”


we agree mister tabak

it could be a lot of other things

like say, for example, BULLSHIT